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The Birthing Experience

The Birthplace at CaroMont Regional Medical Center is a state-of-the-art facility, promising expert care in a calm and nurturing environment through each phase of your pregnancy and birthing experience.

Our experienced and compassionate team of obstetricians, gynecologists, high-risk pregnancy specialists, pediatricians, neonatologists, anesthesiologists, neonatal nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists and certified registered nurses works together with one goal – to put our patients and their families first in all that we do. With dedicated maternity suites, breastfeeding and educational resources and a facility uniquely designed for you and your family, we have all the resources you need to make your delivery a positive and memorable experience.

Our comprehensive maternity services include:

Preconception and Prenatal Care

If you are thinking about having a baby, contact your OB-GYN to schedule a preconception appointment. At this appointment, we will answer questions and discuss any health conditions and risk factors that may affect you or your baby.

High-risk Pregnancy and Genetic Counseling Services

We offer specialized care to monitor and support pregnancies that are classified as “high-risk” due to age and other health and genetic-related factors.

Maternity Education

We offer a wide range of classes taught by experts to help you prepare for giving birth and taking care of your new infant. Learn more or sign up for our childbirth classes here »

Giving Birth at The Birthplace

We offer state-of-the-art maternity services and care including:

  • Spacious maternity suites
  • Breastfeeding services
  • Professional photography of your newborn
  • Rooming in - where your baby remains in the maternity suite with you to better prepare the family for the transition home
  • Quiet time - every day on the maternity floor between 2:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. All visitors are asked to leave the maternity suite so the mother and baby can have some quiet time and rest.
  • Skin-to-skin experience
  • Postpartum education

Neonatal Intensive Care

At CaroMont Regional Medical Center, we offer an advanced, Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Our NICU is staffed 24/7 by a team of board-certified neonatologists, nurse practitioners and registered nurses who are experienced and qualified to care for babies who are born before 32 weeks gestation, including babies of any age or weight who are critically ill, need equipment to help them breathe or who may need surgery. In addition, our NICU is located in The Birthplace with private rooms so there is no need to transport your baby for advanced care.