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Medical Concerns

Morning Sickness

This common symptom of pregnancy that causes nausea and vomiting often happens in the morning but can also occur at any time of day. Morning sickness is typically worse in the first trimester and gradually improves over the pregnancy.

At-home recommendations

  • Vitamin B6 (50-100 mg) can be taken 3x per day
    • Your results may be significantly improved when B6 is taken with antihistamine like Unisom or Benadryl
    • However, the drowsy side effects may be overwhelming
  • You may use a 24-hour antihistamine like Claritin or Zyrtec, and supplement with Unisom at night
  • For acid reflux, consider using Pepcid 2x per day
  • To reduce nausea, use ginger, ginger ale or ginger supplements
  • Small snacks can help reduce nausea
  • Avoid greasy, fatty or sugary foods
  • If these at-home recommendations do not keep you from vomiting daily, please contact us for an evaluation

Prescription medicines

  • If your provider prescribes medication for your morning, sickness, please take them as scheduled
  • The medications build up in your system to help with nausea and vomiting, they do not work as a rescue dose when you are feeling ill

Recommended Vaccines

Pregnancy decreases your overall immunity, which can make you more vulnerable to serious illnesses. To protect yourself and your baby, we strongly recommend getting the following vaccinations:


  • We recommend getting an annual flu vaccine during flu season


  • COVID-19 is especially dangerous in pregnancy, and presents a significant risk to both mother and fetus
  • The COVID-19 vaccine is considered safe and medically necessary for pregnant women
  • You can get a COVID-19 vaccine at any CaroMont Women’s Health practice


  • The tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis vaccine, also known as TDAP, should be given at the beginning of the third trimester


  • Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, is particularly dangerous to newborns and infants
  • We administer this vaccine to increase maternal antibodies, which will in turn protect the baby
  • We also encourage the family to get vaccinated, if it has been more than three years since their last shot

Remember to Continue Your Usual Healthcare Routine

  • During pregnancy, please continue to do your self-breast exams, as breast cancer can still occur in pregnant women
  • Please let your provider know if you find anything abnormal during your self-exam
  • Continue to see your dentist every 6 months, as tooth and gum health is very important during pregnancy