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CT Lung Cancer Screening

The lung cancer screening program at CaroMont Health offers those with a high risk of developing lung cancer the opportunity to be screened for lung cancer, and receive their diagnosis at an early stage, even before symptoms develop.

What is CT Lung Cancer Screening?
Low-dose lung CT scans may be recommended as screening for lung cancer. Modeled after mammography, low-dose CT Lung Cancer screening uses state-of-the-art computed tomography (CT) to take pictures of the lungs to detect potentially treatable lung cancers. A low-dose lung CT scan examines the structures inside the chest using x-ray transmissions that are converted to detailed images.

These scans are helpful in finding cancer at an early stage. When found early, abnormal tissue or cancer may be easier to treat. If a screening test is abnormal, testing may be done to find out if a person has cancer.

Who is right for the program?
CT Lung Cancer Screening is suggested for former or current smokers ages 55 to 77 with a 30-pack-per-year smoking history. Patients must be current smokers or former smokers who quit within the past 15 years.
Lung Cancer screening isn’t for everyone. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) recommends screening for people at high risk.

Is a referral required?
Yes. A medical referral is required by a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner. You may not self-refer for a CT Lung Cancer Screening procedure.

How is CT Lung Cancer Screening performed?
CT Lung Cancer Screening will be done with a low-dose spiral computed tomography (LDCT) scan. This scan is like a regular CT scan, but uses less radiation. It will not be necessary for a patient to drink or inject any contrast.

What are the next steps after CT Lung Cancer Screening?
A letter will be mailed with general information regarding CT scan results within a few days of the procedure. This letter will indicate if any abnormalities have been found and if any additional testing is needed.
Your primary care doctor or ordering provider will also receive a full report. If additional testing is needed or if there are positive results, a patient care navigator will assist with scheduling.

For more information about CT Lung Cancer Screening, talk to your Primary Care provider or contact our Pulmonary Nurse Practitioner and Navigator at 980.834.5864.