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Category: Health and Wellness

Eight Tips To Improve Your Heart Health Now

This American Heart Month, are you making any changes to support your heart's optimal health? The CaroMont Health Employer Services Team provides wellness support to employees of organizations around our region. They've provided their best tips on what you can do today to improve your heart health:


Teresa Renner, RN and Employer Services Supervisor

"Stress can raise blood pressure which increases risk for stroke and heart attack. One easy way to reduce stress is to breathe deeply. Take a few minutes, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Repeat at least three times. It's a quick way to manage stress in the moment, decrease blood pressure and start to relax."



Sequoia Ridley, Employer Wellness Dietitian

"Unsaturated fats can make a difference in your heart health! Try increasing your intake of nuts, seeds and fatty fish to get the good fats that can lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol. Mix up your daily snack with a handful of almonds or sliced avocado. Both are great options for a heart-healthy diet."


Amanda Lee, Employer Wellness Coordinator

"Aim for 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week! Moving a little more every day will add up. Hitting that target consistently will not only strengthen your heart but make you feel so much better throughout the week!"




Jake Turney, Employer Wellness Coordinator

"Exercise is always important but gauging whether or not you are working hard enough is key. Find your target heart rate and aim for it with a simple equation: take 220 and subtract your age. Multiply that number by 0.85 for your target heart rate."




Wanda Flowers, Employer Wellness Coordinator

"Give yourself a break and take a walk. Even a short walk can reset your day and enhance your mood. If you walk consistently, you can get the added benefit of reducing your blood pressure and losing weight. One of the most powerful wellness tools you have is your own two legs!"




Maria Lineberger, RN and Clinical Health Coach

"Eat more fish! Fish is rich in calcium, unsaturated fat and omega-3s, all of which are vital to support good heart health. Try to include a fish meal into your diet at least once a week, or more if you enjoy it!"




Janice Wimbish, RN and Clinical Health Coach

"When making any change to better your health, it's important to be patient! Unhealthy habits can be hard to change, so give yourself grace and restart as many times as you need."





Alexandria Massey, Employer Health Promotions Coordinator

"Don't forget how to have fun! Stress can have a negative effect on your health, so make time to listen to music, dance, walk, stretch or meditate. Do things that lower your anxiety and make you smile. There are health benefits to happiness!"