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A Checklist for Good Health Over 50

The key to healthy aging is a healthy lifestyle. And that includes making and keeping important annual health check-ups. Use our checklist to keep your appointments on track and talk to your doctor about how to stay well in your 50's and beyond.


The Power of Preventive Care: Why Waiting Until You're Sick Isn't Enough

Prioritizing preventive care through regular check-ups is one of the most proactive steps you can take for your well-being.


Ankle Arthritis: Insights from the Expert

Dr. Thurmond Lanier, a podiatrist with CaroMont Foot & Ankle, shares solutions for patients suffering from ankle arthritis.


Gaston Hospice Memorial Garden Made Possible by Local Non-Profit Group

Compassionate Friends Gifts New Memorial Garden to Patient and Families of the Robin Johnson House


Gaston Hospice Awarded Top Honors By Healthcare First

Healthcare First, an organization that administers patient satisfaction surveys for hospice organizations nationwide, recognized Gaston Hospice with the prestigious Honors Elite status in their most recent survey cycle.


Mower Safety 101: Avoiding Traumatic Injury

Mowing your lawn may seem like a routine chore, but it can pose serious risks if proper safety precautions are not followed. Thousands of individuals suffer traumatic injuries related to lawn mower every year. Learn the risks and how to avoid them.


CaroMont Health Foundation Announces 2023 Scholarship Recipients

CaroMont Health Foundation awarded $120,300 in scholarships to area students and healthcare professionals. All recipients are pursuing a career in healthcare or looking to advance their medical training.


Summer Safety Starts at Home: Stocking Your First Aid Kit

Every household should have a well-stocked first aid kit. In the summer months, with more options for outdoor and recreational activities, it is especially important to be prepared for potential accidents and injuries.


Safeguarding Your Health: Why Air Quality Alerts Are Important

Learn about the significance of air quality alerts and when to take action to best safeguard your lungs. 


Beyond the Basics: Lesser-Known Facts for Effective Sunscreen Use

While many people are aware of the basics of sunscreen, such as its SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and the need for regular reapplication, here are some lesser-known facts about sunscreen.