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Real Change Requires Real Action: Our Commitment to Equity, Inclusion and Putting Care First

Over the last several weeks, the systemic racism and social injustice that still permeates our country has been brought more acutely into focus. The years of brutal attacks and senseless harassment of African Americans has spurred sorrow and outrage from people of all races and cultural backgrounds, including many of our employees, medical staff and community partners.

It is not CaroMont Health’s typical practice to comment on topics that are not directly related to our role as a healthcare system; however, as an organization that employs and cares for people of all races, genders, orientations and backgrounds, we have an obligation to let you know where we stand.

CaroMont Health condemns the inequitable treatment of people based upon the color of their skin, their gender, their background or their orientation, and we stand firmly in solidarity with those who seek to drive out all forms of racism, discrimination and injustice.

The foundation of healthcare is unconditional, unwavering empathy, and as healthcare providers and professionals, we possess the unique ability to recognize that we do not have to experience the pain and suffering of another to acknowledge its existence and take actions to lessen its impact. Now and always, we call upon every member of the CaroMont Health team to put care first; to honor and employ our CARES Values to make every person we encounter feel seen, understood and supported.

In the coming weeks, leaders at CaroMont Health will create meaningful opportunities to hear from employees at all levels and understand how we may better support equity and inclusion, both in our community and in our organization. Because in circumstances like these, words are not enough – real change requires real action.