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Category: COVID-19

Tips for Grocery Shopping with Health and Safety in Mind

Grocery stores are not only an essential service. Most people are finding themselves food shopping more often due to restaurant closures across the country. So what are some tips for approaching grocery shopping in ways that protect your health? Read our tips for shopping during a pandemic below:

Limit Your Visits

If you can shop for a week or two at a time, limiting your exposure to public places is smart. Otherwise, go with purpose and not to browse.

Go Alone

While it may be tempting to use the trip as an excuse for the family to get out of the house, having one person go to the store is best. That way, you are limiting your family’s exposure and protecting the other shoppers from anything your family might pass on.

Leave Your Phone in the Car

If you can’t leave your phone in your car, leave it in your purse or pocket and resist the urge to use it again until you’ve gone home and thoroughly washed your hands.

Make a Paper List

Making a list will help expedite your trip and having that list on paper means you can throw it away before you leave the store.

Take Wipes and Hand Sanitizer

Most stores are wiping down carts for their customers, but it never hurts to have an extra disinfectant wipe on hand. You can use one on the cart, but also, use one on your steering wheel after you leave the store. Additionally, if you have hand sanitizer, use it before and after going in the store.

Distance Yourself

There is the temptation to form close lines or squeeze through a crowded food aisle. Resist the urge! The most common way a virus passes from person to person is in close proximity. So use the six-feet social distancing rule when in line. If you need to go down a crowded aisle, wait until the other shoppers move on.

Do Not Touch Your Face

Your hands will touch lots of things at the grocery store: produce, packaging, bags and the cart. So resist the urge to touch your face.

Wash Your Hands

The best way to stop the spread of any disease is by washing your hands well and often. A full 20 seconds is recommended and will help protect your home and family from any germs you may have encountered on your shopping trip.