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Interventional Radiology

Our Cancer Center team offers the following minimally invasive therapies:

  • Port placements: a medical device placed just under a patient’s skin that allows for less painful and more reliable IV therapy access.
  • Tumor directed arterial embolization: arterial treatment of malignant and benign tumors, most commonly affecting the liver and uterus.
  • Tumor ablation therapy: image guided procedures which destroy a tumor in the body without the need for a surgical resection.
  • Cryoablation: freezing of a malignant tumor allowing for its complete destruction. Typically used for malignant tumors of the kidney, lung, bone and liver.
  • Emprint Thermosphereâ„¢ Ablation: technique employing microwave therapy to burn and destroy malignant tumors of the liver, kidneys, lung, and bone.
  • Image guided palliative procedures: numerous imaged procedures to help manage complications related to cancer and cancer therapies.