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Oncology Rehabilitation

Oncology Rehabilitation is specialty care addressing the needs of cancer survivors. This program seeks to restore an individual’s functional performance to re-establish a wholesome quality of life. This is done through a partnership with our comprehensive team utilizing one-on-one education and exercise/activity. Oncology Rehabilitation takes into account patients’ physical, emotional, spiritual, psycho-social and motivational position.

Why is Oncology Rehabilitation important?

Cancer survivors face many complex and diverse issues. Our program strives to improve one’s physical and psychological impairments in order to promote function. Ultimately, the goal is to maximize our patients’ quality of life.

Oncology Rehabilitation may include:

  • Speech Therapy - emphasis on speech and swallowing quality of life.
  • Massage Therapy - emphasis on relaxation and reducing tight muscle for more fulfilling quality of life.
  • Physical Therapy - emphasis on balance, coordination, posture, and strength for meaningful activity to impact quality of life.
  • Occupational Therapy - emphasis on management of Lymphedema, ROM, and activities of daily living to influence quality of life.