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Category: Health and Wellness

Easy Ways to Stick with Your Healthy Resolutions

You want to make some positive health changes in 2020, but maybe you’re already feeling like those resolutions are either not working or not being prioritized. Mid-January is a great time to reevaluate and recommit. Read below for easy ways to help you make those healthy resolutions turn into positive lifestyle changes.

-Make Priorities

Multiple resolutions can be overwhelming. Try narrowing it down and prioritizing. If you want to eat better and exercise more, pick the most important to start and set a longer-term goal of incorporating the other.

-Be Kind to Yourself

Miss a day? Miss two days? It’s okay. Remember changing habits takes time and the most important thing is to not give up. Try again tomorrow.

-Baby Steps

Making smaller, sustainable changes will always be more successful. Instead of going from no exercise to everyday exercise, challenge yourself to take a smaller step and exercise twice a week. Mid-year, you can always reevaluate.

-Involve Friends and Family

Support networks are important and making resolutions with friends can keep you accountable to another person.

-Focus on What You Enjoy

Resolutions should not be torture. If you hate yoga, don’t think a resolution will change that. Instead, resolve to do something healthy you love, just do it more.

-Track Progress

There is nothing more inspiring than seeing results. So when you notice one, write it down! By mid-year, you’ll have a list of accomplishments that will keep you motivated.

Have specific questions on how to improve your health this year? Find a doctor you can trust who will join you on your personal health journey. Click here for more information.