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One Question, Three Answers: What is Your Best Tip for a Healthy Holiday?

One Question, Three Answers: What is Your Best Tip for a Healthy Holiday?

Thanksgiving Day is an honored tradition for American families. It’s also the start of the holiday season and all the indulgence that comes along with it! But what are some ways to approach the holidays while still making healthy lifestyle choices? We asked a few of our experts for their best tips and tricks to incorporate health and wellness into this holiday season.

Pam Cornelius, Registered Dietitian for CaroMont Health

“The Calorie Control Council found that we can consume about 3,000 calories at a Thanksgiving meal. My best tip for curbing that number? Focus on portion control. Some easy ways to do that would be setting your table with smaller plates. Also, when you fill that plate, try to fill at least half of it with vegetables. Not only will that help you digest your meal, it will assist you in controlling your portions. Have your eye on one of those really indulgent sides? Go ahead and take a taste instead of a full cup portion. These are my favorite tricks to get through the meal without feeling deprived, and instead satisfied and proud of yourself for not over indulging.”

Candice Williams, Health Promotions Coordinator at CaroMont Health

“Did you know that just ten minutes a day of exercise can be the difference between staying in shape and falling out of your exercise routine? Think about it like a doctor’s appointment. You schedule those, so why not add ten minutes of movement to your calendar? And if you’re looking for ways to get the most out of those ten minutes, I suggest focusing on compound exercises like squats or any movement that requires you to focus on more than one major muscle group. Also, why not get your family involved? Fun activities like ice skating, dancing and bowling are all great exercise and will make sure you all stay moving this holiday season.”

Meghan Gregory, Community Wellness Dietitian at CaroMont Health

“My best tip for a healthy holiday season would be to stay mindful that a holiday is just that: one day. It becomes very easy to over indulge for lots of days, especially with numerous holiday parties, busy schedules, family gatherings and work celebrations. So, my best advice is to have a plan for your commitments and work to make wise, healthy choices at each one. If you’re hosting an event, go ahead a buy some extra Tupperware while you’re shopping and send guests home with leftovers. The temptation to continue with the rich, high calorie foods over the next few days will be gone. Also, if you receive food gifts that are unopened, consider re-gifting or donating, allowing you to better control your environment. Focus on your family and friends instead of food and you’ll be a step ahead of the resolution game come the new year!”

Looking for more ways to make better choices and get your health on track? Talk to your doctor at your next appointment about how you can make a wellness plan tailored to your individual needs and visit our blog for more great health content.