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Category: Safety Information

First-Aid Essentials for College Students

When packing your college student to head back to campus, include a first-aid kit. While most schools have a clinic available to students, basic first-aid supplies available for dorm room or apartment use are always a good idea. Students can treat minor issues themselves with a few simple supplies and basic knowledge. Think about including the following items:

Adhesive bandages

Seems obvious, but remember to include a variety of shapes and sizes.


Sometimes, adhesive bandages are not enough. Gauze can cover and protect larger scrapes and wounds without uncomfortably adhering to the skin.

Adhesive Tape

When using gauze, adhesive tape will be necessary to keep it in place.

Ice Pack

An ice pack can help reduce swelling while your student seeks additional care.

Warm Pack

Sore spots can be soothed with the application of heat.

Tweezers and Sewing Needles

Both of these tools are essential for removing splinters.


It’s good to know when a fever needs attention or if the medication used to bring it down is working. Educate your student on when a fever should trigger them to visit the clinic or a local emergency center.

Over the Counter Medication

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and Ibuprofen (Advil) are recommended, but think about including antacids, Benadryl, cold medication and lozenges.


If you’re including cold medicine, why not include a small pack of tissues?


Having a little extra cushion and protection against blisters can be useful on long walks to class.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has a lot of uses, but one particular application is to combat athlete’s foot, a common issue if your student is sharing a bathroom.

Extra Pair of Shower Shoes

It never hurts to have a pair of shoes that are easy on and off and can serve as back up if the designated shower shoes go missing.

Small Sewing Kit

First aid? Maybe not. But the first-aid kit is a convenient storage location for clothing repair essentials.

Disposable Gloves

If your student uses their first-aid essentials to assist a friend, be sure they know the importance of protecting themselves against exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

Small Book of First-Aid Instructions

This kit is a great opportunity to not just include information for your student, but review it together before they leave for school. On the inside cover, include your home physician’s phone number, the campus health center phone number and your student’s health insurance information.

Need other ideas? Talk to your student’s primary care provider about any items specific to their health. Do you need to transition your college student from pediatric care to primary care? CaroMont Health can help! Contact any one of our primary care clinics to speak to someone about your options.