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Know the Facts: Taking a Chance with a Deadly Virus

Healthcare professionals and hospitals continue to work to keep individuals and our communities safe from COVID-19. If you are not taking precautions against the virus because you are generally healthy, young or have very few or no underlying conditions, there are some facts you should consider:

It is important to remember that COVID-19 affects every person differently and there is no way to know how it will impact you. You may have medical conditions (known and unknown) that put you at greater risk of experiencing more severe symptoms and side effects of COVID-19. But, even if you are healthy, you could still experience severe symptoms leading to hospitalization or even death.

It is also important to acknowledge that surviving COVID-19 does not mean a person won’t have adverse effects, ranging from mild and temporary to severe and permanent. Survival rates may be high, but that does not consider the short and long-term impact to overall health and quality of life that can happen with moderate to severe COVID-19.

More than 700,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. While you may get COVID-19 and experience mild or no symptoms, you could pass the virus on to a friend, loved one or stranger who could be permanently impacted by COVID-19. Just like with other vaccines, we get vaccinated not only to protect ourselves, but also to protect everyone around us.

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