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Category: Cancer

Making a Victory Bell Celebration Memorable

If you or a loved one has ever undergone cancer treatment, then you understand the relief, exhaustion and emotions that pour out upon completion of treatment. At the CaroMont Cancer Center, patients ring our Victory Bell at the end of treatment to celebrate their incredible strength. To help your loved one really remember this special moment, consider some of the following options to make the Victory Bell celebration a true occasion.

Cameras Ready

Most of our patients are excited for photographic evidence that treatment is complete. However, some are not feeling camera ready. For those patients that do not want their photo taken, consider making an audio recording of the ring, or perhaps get a photo of just the bell. Any of these options can be a reminder that this chapter is closed and there are better days ahead.

Festive Accessories

Our patients are always excited, but also exhausted. Lifting their spirits through silly hats, colorful leis and other party store finds can bring smiles and an elevated spirit to the celebration.

Support Signs

Is there anything more encouraging than a true cheering section? Signage, no matter how big or small, can communicate your sentiments and make your loved one feel like the true champion they are.

Make a Playlist

Celebrations need music! Why not send your loved one out of the clinic door to their favorite song? Or, think about having inspiring songs they love ready to go for the ride home.

Invite the Care Team

Caring for your loved one is our job, but it is one every oncology clinician feels passionate about. Your fight is our fight and we would love nothing more than to celebrate the end of this chapter with you.


Your loved one has been through a lot. While it may be nice to have accessories, signage or playlists, the most important piece of a successful Victory Bell ceremony is YOU. Allow the Victory Bell to ring for your survivor but also know your role in the fight is worthy of celebration.

Still need ideas on meaningful ways to mark the occasion? Our CaroMont Cancer Center staff would be happy to assist. Ask your Nurse Navigator about the ceremony or any other questions you may have about treatment at the CaroMont Cancer Center.