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A Legacy of Care: Honoring Patti Plaksin's Volunteer Service at CaroMont Regional Medical Center

Last month, CaroMont Health volunteers were honored with a luncheon celebrating their service. Among those recognized was Patti Plaksin, a dedicated hospital volunteer who has offered her time and talents to the Gift Shoppe at CaroMont Regional Medical Center for over 26 years.  

After a hospital volunteer made a significant difference in her sister's life during her breast cancer surgery, Plaksin understood firsthand the kind of support a volunteer can offer to patients and their family members, especially during times of stress and uncertainty. 

“When people come to the Gift Shoppe and you know they need to talk, you respond to that,” said Plaksin. “You can offer reassurance without being invasive. I've learned you can ask people to tell you more and open a conversation. That can help someone who is bursting with emotion during a challenging time." 

In addition to assisting Gift Shoppe visitors, Plaksin’s volunteer service helped to create procedural manuals for the shop, as well as mentor and train other volunteers over the years. With over 12,400 hours of service since 1996, her dedication and kindness have touched the lives of countless patients and family members. 

Volunteers are a crucial component of any healthcare system. They bring unique skills, experience, and compassion to the hospital, making a significant difference in the lives of patients and their families. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Patti Plaksin and all the volunteers who selflessly share their time, energy and talents. 

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