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Are You Prepared for a Winter Storm?

What Items Should You Have In Your Home Before a Winter Storm Hits?

Weather in our area is very unpredictable, but waiting until there is inclement weather to be prepared isn’t a safety plan. Read more about what items should be in your home that will help you get through a winter storm, including important supplies to have on hand during the pandemic.

Portable Batteries for Cell Phones

Easy to find, but the key is to keep them charged so you’re ready in case of a prolonged power outage.


Most of us are not equipped for major snow, but a shovel is a basic necessity even when there’s only a little snow. If you have elderly loved ones or neighbors, offering to assist them with clearing pathways will also help keep them safe.

Windshield Scraper

Especially in icy conditions, every home should have a windshield scrapper. Never drive without your field of view completely clear and don’t forget to get snow and ice off the top of your vehicle before you drive anywhere.

Snacks and Non-Perishables

Every home should always have at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food. This is a good idea for any kind of emergency, not just ones related to winter weather.


The good thing about snowstorms is that there is generally some advanced warning, but due to the uncertainty that comes with winter weather, you should always have any medications refilled before the storm hits. Pharmacies could be closed for days or operating at odd hours, depending on the weather.


Most alkaline batteries have a shelf life of five to 10 years but that’s only if they are stored at room temperature. If you are storing batteries in your garage or attic, it may be time to check them and make sure you have a supply in case of an emergency.


Traditional flashlights are great but also think about investing in a small LED lantern or a headlamp for hands-free light during a power outage.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Having emergency contact information saved in your smartphone is a great idea, but if you need to reach someone urgently and have to rely on a landline or someone else’s phone, it’s a good idea to keep a print out of those important numbers.

Masks and Hand Sanitizer

While we are all used to having these items in our vehicles and handy to grab on the way out of the door, be sure you have a backup supply should you have to leave your home and seek shelter elsewhere. This includes a mask that fits every member of your family that is above two years of age, and disposable masks should you not have access to or use of your washing machine.

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