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Grant Programs

Collaborating for health and wellness.

In 2023, the CaroMont Health Foundation provided more than $644,000 in grant funding to organizations and programs aimed at improving the health and well-being of the community. Guided by the Gaston County Community Health Needs Assessment and the strategic priorities of CaroMont Health, the CaroMont Health Foundation awards community grants on an annual basis.


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2023 Partners

Breast Health Outreach Program in partnership with Kintegra

This program provides funding for screening mammograms for women without health insurance coverage and who are facing financial hardship.

Central Sterile Processing Lab Equipment in support of Gaston College

Provides support for the purchase of two mobile simulation labs for classroom utilization by Gaston College’s students in the Emergency Medical Services degree programs.

CNA Apprenticeship Program in partnership with Gaston College

In collaboration with Gaston College, this program enables Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) to continue their education in the classroom and on-the-job.

Critical Dental Care in partnership with CaroMont Cancer Center

This program provides critical dental services and procedures, which must occur prior to radiation, to patients with head and neck cancers.

Health in All Policies Training in partnership with Gaston Together

With a focus on the social determinants of health, this training program educates municipal and county planners on the importance of promoting health, equity and sustainability.

Medication Assistance in partnership with Heart Society of Gaston County

Provides critical support to individuals living with or recovering from a cardiac event who are unable to afford medications.

Nursing Certifications in partnership with CaroMont Health

This program supports nurses at CaroMont Health who wish to pursue advanced certifications.

Nutrition Support and Supplements in partnership with CaroMont Cancer Center

Nutrition services are an essential component of comprehensive cancer care. This program seeks to provide education to ensure patients know how to make good choices and cook meals that best support their health during treatment and recovery. The program also provides nutritional supplements for those who can't afford them.

Patient Support Services in partnership with Cancer Services of Gaston County

Provides financial assistance to patients living with cancer. Assistance includes critical medications, needed supplies and transportation.

Student Athletic Training Aide Workshop in support of Gaston County Schools

Hosted by CaroMont Health’s Athletic Training team, this program offers a summer training workshop for high school Athletic Training Aids to learn skills used in Athletic Training and earn first aid and CPR certifications.

Student Meal Program in partnership with BackPack Weekend Food Program

This program seeks to ensure that students in Gaston County Schools are not without reliable access to food on the weekends. 

Support for vulnerable populations in partnership with CaroMont Regional Medical Center

Several grants support patients in vulnerable populations and those facing significant financial hardship. Programs fund screening mammograms and follow-up diagnostic mammograms, chronic disease education and support, cremation services for families who are unable to bury loved ones and support for medication, medical equipment and transitional care services for patients leaving the hospital.

2023 Grants

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Grant Recipients

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Dollars Awarded

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