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Category: Pediatrics

Creative Finger Foods for Baby

Is your baby ready to make the move to self-feeding?

Babies usually transition to trying solid foods around six months of age, often with rice cereal as the first food recommended by your pediatrician. Often, this quickly progresses into a baby who is interested in trying more than just puffs and dry cereal. While those are a great start, a baby who is reaching, pinching and beginning to self-feed may benefit from more stimulation and variety.

Some creative options for baby appropriate finger foods:

Soft cooked pasta overcooked and cooled

Shells are easy to pick up and just the right size!


Sliced or cubed, avocado is full of great brain boosting omega-3s.

Soft Cubes of Cheese

As long as baby hasn’t shown any signs of a dairy allergy, small bites of pasteurized cheese like cheddar or Monterey Jack are a great option.

Steamed or Roasted Veggies

Sweet potato cubes, carrots, green beans or broccoli should be cooked until soft enough to squish between two fingers.


Packed with protein, fiber and folic acid, canned, low-sodium beans are a cost effective choice.

Steamed or Frozen Green Peas

Small enough to not be a choking hazard and the frozen variety can soothe baby’s soreness from teething.

Cucumber strips

While hard to bite into before baby has teeth, if they’re cut into long and wide strips, they are good for gnawing to help soothe sore gums.

Soft Fruit

Ripe bananas and peaches can be cut into cubes for a good snack with no prep work for busy, and likely exhausted, parents.

When introducing any solid food, two things are important. First, discuss all food options with your pediatrician to ensure they are right for your baby, and be sure to provide constant supervision of children trying new foods.

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